WordPress Themes for Website Building

WordPress Themes for Site Building

WordPress was originally a program used for writing blogs, but it can be used for developing basic sites quickly and it has some great features for doing that.

WordPress also has a large library of “Themes” that can be used to change how your website looks.  But the list of themes can be a bit overwhelming.

Here’s a list of theme’s that Oikos has found good for site building.  Most of them are customisable in some way, with images and colour schemes, and they all have some kind of menu system for getting around your site.

  • Arclight: Modern and dark.  Good menus, large text and customisable colours.
  • Regulus: Simple but effective. Only top-level menus.
  • Titan: Clean and crisp.  A polished theme but with limited options in the free version. Paid version with more options available.
  • Blend: A little clunky but with some customisation can do a good job.
  • Carrington-Blog: Very neat and tidy.
  • Constructor: Highly customisable – possibly not as polished.
  • Tarski: Elegant and flexible – one of my favourites.
  • Arjuna X: Pretty but not as flexible and no drop-down menus.
  • Violinesth Forever: Again only top-level menus, but with some customisation can be made pretty.

New Themes

These are new themes that I’ve not tested yet – they come recommended so may be good.